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MichaelMichael Pouliot, Founder

How did BattleZONE begin?
After being in church for only a few years I was looking for someone to disciple me. I saw many of the church "leaders" not living a life that honors God. I was confused and cried out to God to help me to take His Word and live it out in my day-to-day life. Yet God sent now one. I then had a young man who I was discipling that "said the prayer" and was "baptized" but he continue to live a life of sin which eventually cost him his life. I was devastated and even more confused. Yet God sent no one. I cried out to God with one question, "God why is it that you give born-again believers a new heart, new spirit and new nature, yet we as men are not living in victory for Christ? After a four year journey of asking God that one question, seeking His word and His face The BattleZONE Training Course was written.

DavidAbout David Knobel

David Knobel is BattleZONE Ministries Volunteer National Master Coach. He has been gifted for generational-relational-discipleship. God continues to exemplify this gift in the generational impact around the country. David has trained hundreds of church leaders throughout California, New York, and Pennsylvania as well as the Fresno Rescue Mission disciples and Valley Teen Ranch staff. Mr. Knobel has a passion for God's Word, living by the Power of the Holy Spirit and serving the Kingdom of God through his gifting. He desperately desires everyman to understand and embrace his identity as a SON of GOD. David provides his expertise to BattleZONE Coaches throughout the country as well as BattleZONE Coaches Clinics, one-one-one mentoring through phone/Skype calls. You can contact David at (559) 288-2087 or