Please select the appropriate training resource for your lifestyle. BattleZONE Ministries offers both online and hardcopy training resources for both "Players" and "Coaches".  NOTE:  THE BZ MATERIALS ARE NOT FOR RETAIL SALE.  THEY MATERIALS COME WITH THE CONTRIBUTION TO BZ TRAINING. i.e. the BattleZONE Training Course should only be distributed via a BZ Coach who has been trained and can facilitate the materials accurately.  The $50 is the fee for the training and the book and clicker come as part of the training. 

Complete Online BattleZONE Training Course $40

Complete Online BattleZONE Training Course, $40

If you want to have the entire full color 275 page training in an electronic PDF format so you can type in your answers, highlight and make notes from your computer or mobile devices—then this is for you. This online version is the exact same document as the BattleZONE Training Course, but allows you to convenience of saving your work electronically as a PDF file. As a BONUS you will have access to the 11 week video trainings and 15 Show Me How To series. You will receive a code that allows you unlimited access to the electronic materials and videos. Check out the video description-just click the camera button to the right.


Complete Online Battle Zone Training Course Hard Copy Kit $70

BattleZONE Training Course Hard Copy Kit, $70

The Second Edition BattleZONE Training Course is a full color, 275 page; 8.5x11 inch book that contains the "Players" and Captain/Coach's materials. This book is to be used in a small group setting of 4-6 men including a trained BattleZONE Coach who facilitates the discipleship process, relational dynamics, faith tools and interactive worksheets. This kit also comes with a Pocket Grace Keeper to be used during Week 8 of the discipleship training. You will receive this set in the mail. Check out the video description-just click the camera button to the right.